Our Mission

SquirrelWood Equine Sanctuary provides a second chance to horses at risk of shipment to slaughter, abuse or neglect. Through exceptional care, responsible horsemanship, and training we provide these horses with a chance of a new home. Those that are unable to be adopted, due to behavioral issues, or physical limitations are provided sanctuary for the remainder of their natural lives. It is our goal to continue setting high standards of care, and to provide each of our charges with the best possible life.


The Sanctuary

Our 92 acre farm in the heart of the Hudson Valley is home to 20 to 25 residents.  The property provides extensive fenced and sheltered pasture land, two barns, indoor and outdoor riding space, and full facilities for care and treatment.  Operation of the Sanctuary is funded entirely by charitable donations and grants.



Our Work

SquirrelWood specializes in the rehabilitation of slaughter-bound polo ponies, sport horses and working horses, many of whom find fulfilling, happy and successful second-chance careers under our care and in adoptive homes.  We offer each of our rescues complete and customized care, safety and comfort, and the promise of a full and peaceful life.